About Us - Ichiban Montessori
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Nurture a love for learning through a stimulating environment and an integrated curriculum.

Provide a variety of meaningful experiences for the child to interact and make sense of their world.



We believe that every child is a valuable individual with potential for growth. The main role of an educator is to partner the child and his family in his learning journey through the establishment of positive relationships, creating meaningful learning opportunities and facilitating each child’s holistic development through intentional teaching and interaction, and the use of stimulating environments and appropriate materials. We strive to build up the character of each child by inculcating values in their early years, to imbue a love for life-long learning, and to promote quality of life.


We see parents and caregivers as important partners in a child’s learning journey. The partnership between home and school is crucial for creating a coherent learning experience and enhancing development in multiple settings. Learning that can be extended from home to school, and vice versa, means that the child has many opportunities to practice learnt skills and knowledge. Building strong relationships between the school team and the family will serve to benefit the child in the long run.


Lastly, we believe in building up the team, including the family, so that together, we can serve the needs of the child better over time. In combining our strengths, and embarking on our own learning journeys, we can make a greater impact in one another’s lives and in the community.








Develop confident, reflective and independent learners who will make a difference in their community.