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Air & Water Pollution 🌁

We had a wonderful mid-Autumn festival celebration with the children in school. Children came to school with their favourite lanterns and costumes. They participated in a series of activities, as planned by their teachers. The story of Chang Er and Hou Yi was shared with the children. In addition, they also learnt about the traditional culture of eating mooncakes and pomelo on this special day.

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For this week, our children were taught about land and water pollution. Our health is directly related to the environment around us, hence it is crucial to teach our children about pollution and it’s effects on the world. Children need to learn about the different types and sources of pollution, so that they can better protect the environment from those pollutants. Our children need to understand that they can make a difference in our planet’s health. We should develop their interest on the environment from young, as it will lead them to become environmentally conscious and will grow up with a sense of creating better environment.

Let us take a look at what our children have been up to for  this week.

The toddlers have been working on ice painting. In this activity, they will also explore on the melting effect of ice under our current climate.

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They also did a poster to show their love for the environment.

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The older children did a model on air pollution. Likewise, they also did a beautiful poster to raise awareness on protecting our earth. T4W3 (15)

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We hope you had a wonderful week like us! Stay safe.