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T3 Wk 9 (2)

All about food 🍕

Food has a way of bringing people together and it is one of the best way to understand one’s culture. For this week, we have introduced a great variety of yummy food to the children from all over the world.  It is a fun and age appropriate way to expose children to many different places, hence helping them to connect their food to geography!

Let’s take a gallery walk to see what our children have been “cooking” for this week!

The infants have been engaged with sensory play through pizza dough prepared by the teachers.

T3 Wk 9 (7)

Our toddlers have been making mouth-watering pizzas models. T3 Wk 10 (16)

T3 Wk 10 (15)

T3 Wk 10 (13)

They have also explored making hamburgers and fries collages and models. While making these models, the children were able to relate to their personal experience of visiting fast food restaurants with their families. The teachers took the opportunity to share with the children about healthy eating, hence reminding them to make healthier food choices.

T3 Wk 10 (17)

T3 Wk 10 (1)

T3 Wk 10 (3)

T3 Wk 10 (14)

T3 Wk 10 (8)

Besides making food models, our toddlers have tried making world maps using pasta too!T3 Wk 10 (7)

The children’s gastronomy was further extended when they tried making Sushi models from scratch.

T3 Wk 9 (1)

T3 Wk 10 (10)

T3 Wk 10 (6)

The preschoolers enjoyed themselves making barbecue skewers during class.

T3 Wk 10 (12)

T3 Wk 10 (11)

T3 Wk 10 (9)

It was really satisfying to see that our children had so much fun and enjoyed learning about the food from all over the world. Let’s look forward to next week’s lesson then. Stay tuned!