All About Food: Around the World! - Ichiban Montessori
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All About Food: Around the World!


A couple of weeks ago, our children explored the world by learning about different food and dishes from different regions. In this post, we will be featuring some of the amazing project works completed by our children from different centres. Our children love creating gigantic models of their favourite food.

Let’s take a look at the different cuisines that our children learnt about this week! 

In this class, children made large models of pizzas. They created everything- from the base of the pizza, the “sauce” and even the ingredients. Children learnt about where pizzas came from and were also exposed to the different steps in baking a pizza. 



Next up, we dive into a very famous food from Japan- Sushi! Our children were very familiar with this food and this was one of their favourites to make! Children learnt more about the country of Japan and also had some first-hand experience of the handcrafting skills required to make sushi. They also learnt about different variety of Sushi. 


Children especially loved these giant versions of Sushi! Look at how excited they were to make them!  Our children made different types of Sushi, such as Sushi rolls, and even made the condiments that usually accompany Sushi. It looked so similar to the real thing, it was almost tempting to eat them!





We also made one of the staples in Chinese cuising- Dumplings! Some classes had children make them using actual ingredients. They even got to try their own creations after they were cooked. 


Of course, we also had to make giant versions of the dumplings! In this class, they made one giant dumpling and filled it with cotton balls, and green and brown paper crepe fillings to represent the meat and veggies in a dumpling. 

Finally, we tasked children to bring pictures of some of their favourite foods from their favourite cuisines for a show and tell session. They were really excited to share about their favourite foods and their friends were eager to ask them questions about it as well. intl16