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Around the world 🌏

Introducing various cultures and traditions around the world is a helpful addition to the children’s education journey. As the children learnt about themselves and the people around them, the learning about world cultures is a great way to help them appreciate the differences in people and traditions. It makes the children realize that we are all different and have our unique way of living, as we came from different parts of the world. It also teaches the value of respect and appreciation of others to our children.

For this week, the toddlers have explored on the “Satay Grill” from Asia.

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They also used various National flowers to create beautiful collages.

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Besides, the children have also created “Thai Elephant Craft” while they learnt about the different countries in Asia. T3 Wk 5 (11)

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The preschoolers enjoyed the process of creating their giant Japanese fan craft. They have also made their own version of world map, focusing on the learning about Asia.

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We are glad that our children have a fun adventure this week! Let’s look forward for next 😊