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T3 Wk 6 (27)

Around the world (2) 🌍

As an extension to the previous week of learning, our children have explore the world a little further by tapping on the topic of Europe. As a multi-racial country with vast cultures, we wanted our children to be exposed to different parts of the world and learn more about the diversity of people and their way of lives.

For this week, our toddlers had the opportunities to learn about European cuisine. They have created many different models of European dishes ranging from meatballs, baguettes, hamburgers, fish and chips, spaghetti, steaks and more.

T3 Wk 6 (18)

T3 Wk 6 (5)

T3 Wk 6 (13)


T3 Wk 6 (22)

T3 Wk 6 (23)

T3 Wk 6 (24)

T3 Wk 6 (25)

T3 Wk 6 (30)

Besides indulging in the appealing food models, the toddlers have also created models of Effiel Towers and Holland Windmills.

T3 Wk 6 (17)

T3 Wk 6 (15)

T3 Wk 6 (11)

T3 Wk 6 (10)

For the preschoolers, they had fun dressing up like the Royal Family.

T3 Wk 6 (35)

T3 Wk 6 (34)


T3 Wk 6 (32)T3 Wk 6 (31)

T3 Wk 6 (29)

T3 Wk 6 (20)

T3 Wk 6 (19)

T3 Wk 6 (16)

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T3 Wk 6 (7)

They have also worked on models of pyramid as part of their small group activities.

T3 Wk 6 (33)

T3 Wk 6 (26)

In addition to all these learning experiences, we have put up decorations at our centres to anticipate for the upcoming National Day.

T3 Wk 6 (3)

T3 Wk 6 (4)

We would also like to congratulate our student Chong Shiaw Jing from Ichiban Montessori Childcare Centre (CCK) for winning the COVID-Safe national colouring contest for the kindergarten level! We are so proud of you and your work! Thank you to MSF and ECDA for organizing this colouring contest for our children!

T3 Wk 6 (2)

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