Around the World: Famous People - Ichiban Montessori
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Around the World: Famous People


This week, as we continue in our exploration around the world, we decided to learn more about some of the famous people who accomplished amazing things in their lifetimes! Other than being really talented individuals, we also learnt that it was also through a lot of hardworking and perseverance that these people became so great! 

Children in this class learnt about Neil Armstrong, the first man who walked on the moon. They learnt that space is a really exciting place to visit and that there are many other planets other than the planet that we are living on- Earth. 


After a really fun balloon printing activity, children learnt the names of the other planets in our solar system and labelled them accordingly. famppl28



It was a really enriching activity that even toddlers could take part in! 😁famppl2



Our older children learnt about rocket ships and satellites that are in space. They learnt that the space rocket was the vehicle that Neil Armstrong took to space and that satellites are important for humans to send messages to and from space to earth. famppl5




Children also learnt about the inventor Thomas Edison and the light bulb! Thomas Edison was a really smart man but he failed so many times before he succeeded. We have much to learn from how he never gave up 😁


Children also learnt about the famous artist- Picasso and tried their hands at one of his most well-known painting techniques: Cubism. We have amazingly talented children amongst us who were not afraid to showcase their creativity! famppl26 famppl22


Another famous artist children were introduced to was Van Gogh. We attempted to replicate his world renowned painting: Starry Starry Night. It looks like our children did a really amazing job! They were really focused and engaged in the activity and were really excited for the opportunity to express themselves creatively. 😁




In this class, the teacher used white glue to demarcate the lines first before using chalk to replicate the original painting. They waited for the glue to dry so that it becomes transparent and then, they could use it as a guide. 





It looks like the children really enjoyed themselves this week. We hoped that this week was inspiring to them and that it ignited dreams within them! We believe that our children can achieve anything they set their hearts to. With hardwork and dedication, they can turn their dreams into reality! 😁