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Ball Games 🏀⚽️🎾

Hi Parents and Visitors! We had a really fun time learning about Ball Games this week. We even tried our hands at creating D-I-Y versions of the different equipments involved in playing these games such as basketball nets, goal posts and paper mache balls! 

Children in this class used recycled materials to create basketball nets. They learnt that they need not spend a whole of lot of money when they want to play a game. With a little bit of creativity, they are able to make the equipment needed to play any game! Every child played their parts in contributing to the final product. 



When the net was completed, children got the opportunity to take the game outdoors to test their creation. The D-I-Y net turned out to work really well and children enjoyed a really fun game of basketball. 😁

Children also got to create a goal post for a game of soccer. It was a pretty big task ahead of them but they were able to complete it with the careful guidance of their teacher and by working together. bball5


Once completed, we gave children the satisfaction of using their creation in a game of soccer. They felt really proud of their work and were really excited to play with it. 

In our Mother Tongue classes, children got to create a game of Mini-Soccer using recycled boxes and satay sticks! Children got to design their own mini soccer balls and then worked together to assemble the mini game. It was a really fun craft and children were intrigued by this interesting game that could be played indoors. 









In this class, children used recycled materials to create the equipment for a game of bowling. Children explored with the different shapes of different bottles and were able to assemble them in a way that mimicked the shape of bowling pins. bball17




They also learnt how to make the bowling pins sturdier by wrapping them with masking tape and painting them. bball13






Finally, children in this class created an indoor mini golf game course right in their classroom! They created everything from the structure to the golf clubs. Their work was really amazing and impressive! 


Children thoroughly enjoyed playing this much less common game in Singapore. 
Children had a really amazing time learning about the different ball games and getting ample opportunities to engage in them. Our goal is to create a love for moving around and being active in children and by exposing them to a wide range of activities, children are bound to find something they enjoy doing! 😊