Chinese New Year Celebration 🐄 - Ichiban Montessori
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Chinese New Year Celebration 🐄

As Chinese New Year is around the corner, our children are engaged in this festive celebration with their peers and teachers at school. Besides learning about the history and traditions, the children have also participated in a series of activities related to this celebration.

Here are the snippets of activities for the past week.

Our children came to school in their traditional costumes during the celebrations and learnt many greeting phrases from their teachers.


For the toddlers, they did sponge painting on auspicious characters.


The teachers also shared about the Chinese New Year couplets with the children. It is one of the most common yet important customs, that is still being practiced in today’s society. The children learnt about the meaning of the couplets and did a “Show and Tell” with the couplets that they brought from home.


The older children were introduced to the culture of “Lion dance”, and they really enjoyed creating their own dance move with the props.



As part of the fine motor skill development, the older children were tasked to try out Chinese Calligraphy too.  The children expressed their own creativity, through the use of calligraphy brushes. It was a fun experience for most of them.





It was such an enjoyable learning week for our children. Lastly, we would like to wish all our children, staff and the parents a wonderful Chinese New Year ahead!

May everyone be blessed with great health and a prosperous 🐄 year. Enjoy the CNY holiday!🍊🍊