Christmas Celebration ☃ - Ichiban Montessori
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Dec Hol (20)

Christmas Celebration ☃

For this week, we have kicked off the Christmas celebration in all our preschools. As the children have learnt about this major festival being celebrated around the world, they got really excited as the teachers and staff planned for the advance celebration. During the celebration, our children came to school in various festive attires and it has added so much joy to the atmosphere. We have little Santarinas, Santa Claus and elves at school. They are irresistibly adorable in their outfits for the day.

Here are the  snippets of the celebration.

Dec Hol (13)

Dec Hol (14)

Dec Hol (21)

The children enjoyed taking pictures and interacting with our Santa Clauses. The delightment in our children was uncontained, when Santa made his grand entry to the different classes.

Dec Hol (1)

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The children learnt about the meaning of Christmas and the history behind the celebration. They also learnt about the joy of giving and sharing, through the gift exchange experience with their classmates. Throughout the week, the children have also did many activities and craftwork related to Christmas. Dec Hol (19)


Dec Hol (3)

We would also like to express our heartfelt thanks towards all parents and children who have brought us delicious treats and presents. Thank you for the kind gesture and your generosity is deeply appreciated!

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On behalf of all children and staff at Ichiban Montessori, we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! May you and your family be blessed with lots of warmth, joy and peace always. Let’s look forward to 2021 😁