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Pack 9

Donation of hand sanitizer & face shield

We have just received the distribution of face shields, sanitizers and surgical masks from Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) at our headquarter. These items have been donated by Temasek Foundation and other donors. In line with donors’ wishes, MSF has distributed these items to all preschools.

Pack 1

Pack 2

The items received for each child include 1 x 50ml sanitizer, 1 x 500ml sanitizer and a face shield (based on the enrollment data given in Apr’20). The donors have provided 2 bottles of hand sanitizer for our children. The 50ml bottle of sanitizer prepared for the children are intended to be attached to their bags, while the larger 500ml bottle that comes with a pump will be useful when the smaller bottle runs out, and parents can help to refill it.

Pack 4

The sanitizer is specially prepared with 40% isopropyl alcohol, and 0.1% benzalkonium chloride, and studies has shown that this formula can inactivate coronaviruses.

In addition, we were also given 5L of hand and surface sanitizers for each centre, in preparation for school reopening.

Pack 3


For children who are 2 years old and above, they will also be given a red hat which comes with a plastic shield. Younger children may not be able, or be less willing, to wear masks for a prolong period of time, hence the thoughtful gift of a hat with plastic shield from the donor will be helpful for them.

Pack 7

In view of the staggered reopening of our preschool from 2 – 10 June 2020, there are many adjustments needed to be made. These items provided will help to make the adjustment a little smoother for our children and their families. With the arrival of the stock, the staff are helping to pre-pack the items for our children to be in time for various phases of school reopening.

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank MSF and ECDA for all their effort in coordinating and arranging for the delivery of donated items to us. Not forgetting Temasek Foundation and all the other donors in providing the face shields, sanitizer and oximeters to our children and staff working at Ichiban Montessori Preschool Group.

We truly appreciate the additional resources and all the support given to us by the community partners, especially during this tough period of COVID-19 pandemic. Our staff and children will make good use of these resources to keep ourselves and public safe. Keep safe, everyone!

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