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T3 Wk 11 (20)

Famous People

For this week, we have introduced many famous people from around the world as an extension to our children’s learning. The children learnt that no success was achieved overnight by these famous people and that they had persevered through a lot of hard work to be who they were.

Let us re-visit what the children had been exploring for the past week.

The younger children were learning about some famous artist like Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh. Hence, they went on to try out different medium to compose their art pieces.

T3 Wk 11 (4)

T3 Wk 11 (3)

T3 Wk 11 (15)

T3 Wk 11 (16)

T3 Wk 11 (21)

They tried to replicate the famous art piece of “Starry Night” too.

T3 Wk 11 (14)


The children also created models of light bulb to commemorate the famous inventor Thomas Edison.

T3 Wk 11 (10)

T3 Wk 11 (1)

The preschoolers were exploring other inventions like traffic lights and musical fountains that were later developed by other famous people.

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T3 Wk 11 (13)

T3 Wk 11 (2)

T3 Wk 11 (5)

T3 Wk 11 (6)

T3 Wk 11 (22)

T3 Wk 11 (19)

T3 Wk 11 (18)

Our children also learnt about Nick Vujicic, as an amazing man born with no arms and legs, but did not give up on life. They talked about other amazing things that Nick has done in his life, before sharing about their own little aspiration.

T3 Wk 11 (17)

In addition, they did cubism face portrait by Pablo Picasso.

T3 Wk 11 (7)

T3 Wk 11 (9)

That’s all the updates for this week. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!