Happy Mother's Day - Ichiban Montessori
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Happy Mother’s Day

On 21st April 2020, the government has announced on the further tightening and extension of our national circuit breaker measures for another 4 weeks due to the escalating COVID-19 situation. The childcare services, under Ichiban Montessori Preschool Group, will further suspend their general services starting from 5th May 2020 to 1st June 2020. During this period, our preschool will only remain open to a limited group of parents who are working in essential services and with difficulties finding alternative care arrangement.

In line with the announcement from Ministry of Education (MOE), we have also brought forward our June school holiday programs during the above-mentioned period. Henceforth, our teachers will continue to provide e-learning videos based on the holiday program activities and schedule. We hope our children will continue to enjoy and benefit from the videos that we have prepared for them.

Despite of the circuit breaker period, we continued to receive unwavering support and encouragement from the parents at our preschools. It was heartwarming as our children and their parents prepared little thoughtful gifts for our staffs. These kind gestures really brightened up our days.




Thank you for all the positive vibes that keep us going during this period. We miss you, children! We can’t wait for this Circuit Breaker Period to be over soon and start receiving all of you back in school. Hang in there with us! We will get through this tough time together!



We are moving into the Day 33 of our National Circuit Breaker period and not forgetting that Mother’s Day is drawing near! In celebration of the upcoming Mother’s Day, we encourage parents and children to work together in coming up with a Mother’s Day Card. Please share a picture of your family and your creation with us .

In a difficult time like this, the more we learnt to appreciate our loved ones. Thank you to all the mummies out there, who have been working so hard to protect and ensuring the safety and health of our little ones. All of you have been doing a wonderful job!   Here’s a quote dedicated to all the lovely mothers whom are reading our post:

“Mothers hold their children’s hand for a short while, but their hearts ❤️ forever.”

Last but not least, Ichiban Montessori Preschool Group would like to wish all our mothers a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’. Stay safe and healthy always.