Holiday Program - Space 🌠 - Ichiban Montessori
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Hol Wk 1 (11)

Holiday Program – Space 🌠

We have started the year-end school holiday program for our children. For this week, the children have extended their learning of Solar System to the topic on space. Let us take a closer look to what our children have been working on for the past week.

The younger group of children have been exploring on the occupation of astronauts. They also did a collage of the space based on the class discussion and their imagination.

Hol Wk 1 (5)


Hol Wk 1 (6)


For the older children, they have the opportunities to create their ideal rockets out of recycled materials.

Hol Wk 1 (3)

Hol Wk 1 (1)

Hol Wk 1 (2)


Hol Wk 1 (4)Hol Wk 1 (12) Hol Wk 1 (13)


In addition, the children have also explored on blue pea flowers. They were discovering about the extracts from blue pea flowers as food dyes.Hol Wk 1 (10)


Hol Wk 1 (7)

Hol Wk 1 (8)

Hol Wk 1 (9)

It has been a fun and enjoyable week for our children. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!