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Holiday Program (Term 3 Break 1)/Racial Harmony Day 🎏

We have come to the first break of Term 3. It is our holiday program week! Our teachers have planned a wide range of interesting activities for our children. Let us find out what our little ones have been learning for the week.

The children had the opportunity to conduct experiment with food dye. They enjoyed watching the reaction of food dye in water and oil. The effect of food dye dispersing into the water and oil simply amazed the children.

T3 B1 (1)


Some of the children have explored the differences between a HDB and the fish village that our forefathers have previously lived in. They worked together as a class and built a model out of it.

T3 B1 (2)

The younger children explored the topic on “Sink and Float”. They had so much fun, experimenting with objects found in class.

T3 B1 (3)

As we are anticipating National Day, the children have also created Singapore Flag decorations as part of their classroom display. Some of the children were involved in the making of paper Orchid garlands. Their artwork was beautiful!

T3 B1 (4)

T3 B1 (5)

T3 B1 (6)

We also took the opportunity to teach the infants about National Flags and National Anthem.

T3 B1 (7)


This holiday week has also coincided with our “Racial Harmony Day” celebration. The “Racial Harmony Day” celebration is an important event to promote inter-racial understanding among our children. It allows them to appreciate the different values and cultures that we all shared in Singapore, regardless of our races and religion. By introducing various activities and games, we wanted our children to learn more about racial harmony at their young age. This will help them to understand the importance of racial harmony when they grow up.

RH (1)

RH (2)


On this day, the children came to school in their traditional ethnic costumes.

RH (3)

RH (6)

RH (5)

RH (4)


All of them enjoyed playing with the traditional ethnic games, especially with the Chaptehs! The preschoolers even created their own finger puppets to represent the different races in Singapore. It was indeed a fun and memorable celebration for our children since the beginning of circuit breaker period till now!

RH (7)

RH (8)