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Ichiban Montessori Staff Training Day

At Ichiban Montessori, we believe in the importance of investing in our staff by providing opportunities for them to learn new knowledge and upgrade existing skills. Three times each year, we devote an entire day to staff training sessions. Other than inviting established and experienced speakers from different fields, our goal is to also bless our staff with enjoyable and relaxing experiences as a reward for their hard work and commitment to our children. Let’s take a look at what took place in our recent staff training day!

Our programme included a time of sharing and brainstorming for our teachers. Being a group of seven centres, we have the privilege and benefit of learning from our fellow staff and colleagues. Hence, we could not bypass this amazing opportunity to share our ideas with others. 



It was a really enjoyable and enriching time for our teachers. We are sure that each of them took away something that as meaningful to them! 


One of our goals was also to give our staff the opportunity to bond with others through a relaxing activity. We opted for water colour painting and the teachers thoroughly enjoyed it! 




We could not have a staff training day without amazing catered food for our dedicated teachers. As a thank you for their hours and hours of dedication, we ordered from reliable caterers that were sure to satisfy our staff’s tummies! 😁




For this round of staff training, we decided to focus on gaining new insights on creating Aesthetic Experiences for the children in our centres. We focused on the area of dance safety and body awareness, which is a vital but often overlooked area of expertise. Our curriculum advocates for an active environment for our children to freely move and grow in and hence, growing our knowledge on movement safety was highly beneficial to our team. We invited two highly experienced trainers to share their knowledge with us. Our staff learnt many new things and were sure have enjoyed themselves in the process of doing so. 




That is all for our recent staff training day. We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated and committed staff for your contribution to Ichiban Montessori Preschool Group. We appreciate all of you very much! 😊