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Insects & Creepy Crawlies 🐝

Children love to get on eye-level with new creatures and explore their worlds. The world of insects and creepy crawlies allows for just that, as they are found everywhere on the ground, trees, flowers and in the air. They are fun to search for and identify! Many of these insects have very important jobs and children enjoy learning all about these creepy crawlies around them. Children will learn to appreciate the beauty and wonder brought about by nature. Thus, it will help them to develop inquiring minds and nurture early interests in nature. Experiences with these insects and creepy crawlies will also help children to develop a respect for living things.

In this week’s project work,  the children were exposed to a variety of insect related exploration. The younger children made a giant spider web to catch some flies.

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The toddlers were also involved in the making of butterfly collage using colored papers. Furthermore, they have created artwork of caterpillars.

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In addition, they dived into the learning of earthworms’ habitats too.

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The preschoolers were having fun in making insects to hang on their trees. They also tried making bottle fireflies, bees and beehives. T3 Wk 3 (7)


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Not only that, they have also explored using different medium to create artwork. The children enjoyed using flyswatter to do butterfly paintings.

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