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Insects & Creepy Crawlies 🐞

Insects and creepy crawlies are everywhere around us! These small creatures may seem pesky, yet many of them have very important roles in the nature. There are many fun facts to learn about insects and creepy crawlies. Hence, we have introduced this topic to our children for the week.

The toddlers were engaged in a gigantic fly-catching spider web. They created a big spider web using hula-hoop. Upon completion, they took turns to throw cotton balls onto the web. These cotton balls resembled flies and the teachers wanted to demonstrate how flies get stuck onto the webs. It also showed how spiders obtained their food.

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The children have also created hanging mobiles for their classrooms, using insect crafts. They love how these hanging mobiles added colours and liveliness to their learning environment.

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The preschoolers were engaged in building 3-D bee hives for their little paper bees.

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They have also created fireflies models using recycled bottles. During the process of making these models, they had so much fun playing with the light sticks too.

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The older children created a big collage of the insects’ habitat, using palm printing. The completed piece of artwork was beautiful.

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The teachers have also brought in a live dragonfly for the children to observe. They were able to have a close-up look at the different parts of the insect, through this experience. After the observation, the dragonfly was returned to the nature. Hence, no insect was harm during the process.

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It has been a great week for us. Please continue to stay safe!