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Insects & Creepy Crawlies (2) 🐞

As there are so many fun and interesting facts to learn about insects and creepy crawlies, we have extended the children’s learning on this topic for another week. It is really important for children to explore the insects and creepy crawlies in their surrounding, as it is one of the way to introduce nature to them. It has been proven that being connected to nature makes us happier.  Not only do we want our children to be happy, we would also like to build a strong relationship between our children and nature. This will teach our children to appreciate nature, feeling themselves as a part of it, in turn they will learn to protect the environment.

This week, our children have explored a different set of insects and creepy crawlies. Our toddlers were learning about snails, butterflies and cockroaches.

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They also learnt about animals that feed on insects like frogs.

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The preschoolers were engaged in making paper models of garden with insects in it. They have also created Butterfly garden for their little science learning corners.

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The children also had a taste of spinning webs like spiders. They also did a big bug art collage.

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Our children and staff have also completed all their COVID-Safe ABC’s 15 days challenge. It was a rather successful initiative that has helped us to cope with the new way of living after the lift of circuit breaker. Our children and staff are more aware of how to protect themselves against the COVID virus. They have also cultivated good COVID-Safe habits. Here are some of the children’s work that reflected their thoughts over the COVID-Safe ABC’s challenge.

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T3 Wk 4 (30)

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