June Holiday Programme: Chinese Culture in Singapore! - Ichiban Montessori
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June Holiday Programme: Chinese Culture in Singapore!


This week, we embarked on our very exciting June Holiday Programme! 😁 Our curriculum team planned really meaningful lessons and activities to keep our children engaged and learning in a fun manner. This month, we will be featuring lessons from our Mandarin Chinese curriculum, which all children at our centres experience. Lessons were about the multicultural society in Singapore.

Each week, we will focus on one of the four main races in Singapore. This week, we learnt more about Chinese culture! Let’s take a look at what happened in our centres this week. 😊 

In lieu of Dragon Boat Festival happening recently, our teachers seized the opportunity to share with our children about this unique Chinese festival. Children were introduced to the tradition of dragon boating, eating rice dumplings and drinking tea. It was a really meaningful experience for them!



Our teachers also put a special twist on the daily morning exercise routine and included Chinese Qi Gong moves. Our children thoroughly enjoyed it! chinese15

When it got to the time to feed our children’s tummies, they got to make their own Chinese dumplings for lunch! They participated in mixing the ingredients and each got a chance to roll out the  dough and shape their own dumplings. 
chinese7 chinese5






The children in this class also got to make their own Chinese drums. They also got to do a special performance together with their classmates using moves that are specific to this unique art form.  They look really proud to be able to dance and move around with drums that were created by themselves! 😁



Thank you for joining Ichiban Montessori on this journey of learning more about Singapore’s Chinese culture and heritage!

Stay tuned for next week’s lessons on the Malay culture in Singapore. 😊