Learning About Farm Animals - Ichiban Montessori
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Learning About Farm Animals

Dear Parents and Visitors, we delved into a completely new theme this week and learnt about Farm Animals! Our team conducted carefully thought-out activities for children of the different ages to participate in. For children who were more well-versed with this topic, we challenged their imagination and hands-on skills to make things more interesting for them. Let’s take a look at some of the activities our children engaged in this week! 😁

Children in this class got to try their hands at creating abstract art. They were asked to make art pieces of their favourite animals, using shapes to represent the different animal parts. Children really loved the challenge and were completely up to it! 😊 They enjoyed having to prick their brains and practicing trial-and-error in order to find the best shapes to represent the different parts of the animal’s body. 


Children were also tasked to make Farm Dioramas. Our teachers value our children’s creativity and freedom of expression. As can be seen by the following images, different groups of children may have different representations on a farm, but they are all valued pieces of work.  





When children are given the freedom to express themselves, they develop a sense of ownership over their work and when they are affirmed for their contributions, they build a healthy self-esteem. Our goal is for our children to be secure in their worth and their abilities to contributefarm2



We also introduced children to where the chickens live on a farm. Their project work was to create a 3-D model of a chicken coop. Children really enjoy working together on such large-scale projects 😁 It gives them a real sense of achievement when they have completed. 





We also planned theme-based exercises and activities for children such as modelling the movements of different farm animals and moving along to music. Children really enjoyed this activity! 

farm 23

Finally, for our little ones, our infant teachers created a DIY peek-a-boo interactive display of different farm animals. As they sang the song, “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”, different animals would emerge from the hole on the display. Our little ones were thoroughly engaged in this activity. 

Thanks for joining us this week! We cannot wait for another enriching week of school. 😁