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Learning about Land Transportation Vehicles


This week’s lessons were all about the different land vehicles around us! This was a treat for children as they really enjoy talking about and engaging in activities about something that is so familiar to them. Teachers also endeavoured to take things up a notch so that lessons are kept interesting, especially for those who have been exposed to this topic before. 

Children in our younger classes participated actively in creating a train using safe recycled materials. 
trans25 trans24

Children in Mandarin Chinese classes grew their understanding of land transportation by creating a 3-D model of a carpark using recycled materials. It was a less common but vital area to touch on. 


Here we see our children working together to piece together a train. We love giving them the opportunity to explore with different shapes and colours. Often, these project work pieces would be utilised in class as tools to enhance learning. 














Children also performed a role play on a road traffic scenario. They took on different roles such as drivers, pedestrians or even traffic police officers. This was a really helpful way of getting them to recall and practice the road traffic rules that they have learnt, therefore giving them authentic interactions with their knowledge. They were also given the opportunity to take on different roles during this exercise, therefore, allowing them to view things from different perspectives.






As part of their take-home project, children were tasked to create a land transportation vehicle of their choice using recycled materials found around the house. Take a look at some of the creative art pieces the children came up with! 

Children were then given the opportunity to do a show and tell on their creations, describing the process of making them and the materials used. We strongly encourage our parents to support their children in creating these take-home projects. It is a great opportunity to reinforce what was learnt in the week as well as a perfect bonding opportunity for children and parents. 





On top of the project works that are often featured on the website, we decided to give parents and visitors a sneak peak of some of the other activities that take place during the week. Often, during the start of the week, children are introduced to key words and learn about the fundamentals of a topic. For example, children in this Kindergarten Two class are learning to sort the different modes of transportation in the following picture. However, a focus is placed on naming and identifying the land transportation vehicles for this week. 




Other than learning about the different topics and themes, children also regularly build their basic language skills. For example, children in the following picture are engaging in a game about the long vowel “ee” sounds. phon1

Finally, as part of a holistic curriculum in the centre, children also regularly participate in activities that build their fine and gross motor skills. This week’s motor skills activity was learning to balance on a line. 

This took place outdoors…

Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 6.03.36 PM

Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 6.03.28 PM


as well as indoors.
Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 6.06.27 PM

To keep things fun and interesting, teachers would sometimes incorporate this balancing task as part of a mini-obstacle course! Look at how much fun the children had. In this particular course, our amazing teacher took things up a notch and even integrated a word-forming segment as part of the course. Take note of the whiteboards and magnetic letters that were placed at the end of the course. 




Thank you for taking the time to look at our activities in school this week, do join us next week as we showcase our lessons and activities on Water Transportation! 😁