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Learning about Physical Fitness and Why It Is Important

Hi parents and visitors! This week was a really important week as our children learnt about the importance of physical fitness 😁 We had a whole week of exciting activities prepared for them in order to expose them to different physical activities and to spark interest in becoming an active individual. 

Our infants got to practice their static balancing and fine motor skills in the following activity. They practiced bending down to pick up coloured balls with their hands and reaching out to paste the balls on the tape. Teachers provided the necessary guidance and assistance as needed. 

Children learnt about the different sports and physical activities they could take part in. They were encouraged to talk about their favourite ones and share some of their experiences participating in them. phy12

Children were introduced to a really fun Hula Hoop Game, which involved good hand-eye coordination and balancing skills. They also practiced spatial and social awareness as they learnt how to move in synchrony with their peers. 



They also learnt how they can organise physical fitness games and activities without needing any apparatus. As long as they have the desire to move around and play purposefully, there is nothing a little bit of creativity cannot overcome! 😁


Children in this class got to dramatise a day at the pool! Children in this class loved swimming as a hobby. They not only got to share about their experiences at the pool but also learnt about the benefits of swimming regularly. 


Of course, children got to move around outdoors! Children are encouraged to explore and move around, but under the close supervision of the teachers. The playground is a great place for them to practice their balancing and locomotor skills. 




We also introduced children to some of the common body weight exercises and stretches that they may try to do at home. It is never too early to start! 😉
Children performed these exercises under strict supervision and with consideration of the developmental appropriateness. 

Finally, it was a really exciting week for children who were part of the Art Enrichment programme as they were awarded for their amazing renditions of the school’s logo. Take a look at the wonderful creations of our talented children!









Thank you for joining us this week at school! It was a really useful introduction to the topic of physical fitness and grew children in awareness of the different activities as well as the importance of participating in them. We look forward to next week’s lessons when we explore and learn about different ball games.

Stay tuned! 😁