March Holiday 2020 - Ichiban Montessori
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Mar Hol (12)

March Holiday 2020

For this week,  the children were engaged in a variety of fun-filled March holiday programs.

The infants were engaged in sensory experience of creating hand prints for their traffic lights activity.

Mar Hol (3)

While the toddlers were given the opportunities to create model of mini-zoo, finger puppets for the role playing of “The Three Little Pig” story and creating animal pictures using different parts of their bodies inspired by Eric Carle’s book.

Mar Hol (12)

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They also drew the habitat of the polar bear and made tortoise crafts. For motor skill development, the children practiced hopping around the cones like speckled frogs.

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For the older children, they were introduced to a Chinese story about the adventure of a pony crossing the river. After learning about the story, the children created the model of the pony.

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Some of the children were involved in taking care of their garlic plants. While the rest of them helped to make DIY sanitizer for the school.

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We also taught the children about maintaining personal oral hygiene during this holiday season. The children had fun learning about their teeth and the right way of flossing their teeth.

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Mar Hol (17)The March holiday was well spent at school, even in the light of COVID-19 virus. Stay healthy and keep clean. Let’s fight against COVID-19 together!