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wk 10 (22)

My Community

For the take-home activity this week, our children were tasked to construct a model of their school. It was a good bonding activity for the children and their parents as they worked on the models together. Here are some of the fabulous pieces of models created:


wk 10 (1)
wk 10 (3)

wk 10 (4)

wk 10 (5)

wk 10 (6)

wk 10 (7)

wk 10 (2)


This week, the children learnt about the various occupations within the community. The toddlers were engaged in the project of working in a bakery shop.

wk 10 (20)wk 10 (21)wk 10 (22)

Some of the children were involved in the dramatic play of working in a hospital. They also get to attempt the roles of police and soldier.

wk 10 (10)

wk 10 (14)

wk 10 (11)

wk 10 (12)

The children also get to create a scene of construction site in class for role play.

wk 10 (13)

wk 10 (16)wk 10 (17) wk 10 (18)

The other children were involved in the creation of a Petrol Kiosk scene. All of them have great fun experiencing the various occupations in our neighbourhood!

wk 10 (15)