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My Friends

At preschool age, making friends is a vital part of growing up for our children. It is essential for their social and emotional development. Children learn about the concept of “give and take” of relationships through building friendship with others. The sharing experience and interactions with one another also provides opportunities for children to learn about meeting the social needs of self and others. They will develop friendship skills like cooperating, sharing, taking turns, listening to others, accepting others’ perspectives and managing disagreement among each other.

This week, our children were engaged in many activities that allowed them to work cooperatively with their friends in class. They learnt to appreciate their friends and have fun participating in group activities.

For the nursery children, they enjoyed threading pasta into friendship bracelets and necklaces for their peers.

FS 7

The older children were tasked to draw images of themselves on puzzle cut-outs before coming together to assemble the puzzles.

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Besides friendship puzzle, the other children were tasked to draw appreciation cards for their peers.

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In addition, the children also participated in collaborative games, like “walk-together” and “Team foosball” with their peers.

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We would also like to take this opportunity to wish every one a “Happy Valentine’s Day!”. Have a blessed  weekend with your family, friends or loved ones~

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