My Neighbourhood 🌃 - Ichiban Montessori
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My Neighbourhood 🌃

Besides teaching about self and the microsystem of the child, we have extended the children’s learning with the topic on “My Neighbourhood”. The connection of the child with his/her surrounding, enables the development of a sense of belonging to the community. By knowing the social connection with their neighbourhood, it allows the children to develop confidence and provide them with learning opportunities of getting along with others.

Being familiar with the neighbourhood can also help children to feel safe and allow them to explore further on new learning opportunities. Let’s take a look on what the children have learnt for this week.

The children have been learning to identify the things and buildings found in the neighbourhood of the school. They have been constructing a 3D representation of the neighbourhood surrounding the school.





The children had fun constructing the miniature buildings of the neighbourhood. They also enjoyed talking about their personal experiences being in the neighbourhood too. Some of the children did models of the playground that they are familiar with. We enjoyed so much, listening to all the stories shared by the little ones.



We hope you have a great week! Let’s catch up soon 😁