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2021T1Wk2 (7)

Myself and I 😊

It is important for children to develop self-awareness, as it will help them to identify their own strengths, abilities and a positive self concept. With a good sense of self identity and self-worth, they will learn to manage their own emotions which contributes to the building of positive relationships with people around them.

For this week, our children learnt about their different body parts, gender and age. Let us take a look at what our children have been working on this week.

The toddlers were engaged in making 3D models of themselves and their schools. They did foot print tracks and drew pictures of themselves.

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2021T1Wk2 (2)


2021T1Wk2 (10)

2021T1Wk2 (11)

The children also made their own birthday cake models and they had so much fun playing with the dough.

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2021T1Wk2 (6)

2021T1Wk2 (5)



The older children did an eye colour survey chart as a class. In addition, they extended their learning of self concept by talking about their future ambition too.

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2021T1Wk2 (4)Stay tuned to our activities for next week! Have a wonderful week ahead!