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Natural Disasters 🌪

Media coverage of natural disasters often shows stories and images that focus on the most frightening things. When children see or hear about them, they will become upset or afraid. Natural disasters are violent events that happened beyond the control of human beings, caused by natural forces and result in injury, damages to property or even loss of lives.


As the frequency and severity of natural disasters are increasing yearly, it is important for children to learn about their harmful effects. Children should also be equipped with the knowledge of how to prepare and respond during such disasters, in order to keep themselves safe. It not only help children in reducing their anxiety, but also support their curiosity and build on their resilience.

There are many different types of natural disasters around the world. For this week, we have introduced volcano eruption and hurricane to children.

Based on the simulated model, our children were awed by the volcano eruption activity carried out in class. They had a lot of fun watching their little volcano erupting and couldn’t hide their excitement as the lava gushed out of the opening.

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Besides, the children were also engaged in the painting of volcano and hurricanes as part of their class activities, using different art materials found in class.

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It has been a fruitful week for us. Keep safe, everyone!