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T4 Wk 2 (13)

Natural Disasters 🌪

Natural disasters are caused by the natural processes of our Earth. Very often, such events are being shared on the news and these actually triggered the curiosity of our children as they hear about it. As the children touched on the learning of nature, it is important to create awareness and to teach the children how to prepare for natural disasters.

Let us take a look on what our little friends have been exploring for the week.

The younger children have been learning about volcano and they were very amazed to see how an eruption looked like. Our children also learnt about Tsunami through the model created.

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T4 Wk 2 (10)

T4 Wk 2 (4)


T4 Wk 2 (9) T4 Wk 2 (8)


The older children had the opportunity to learn about typhoon, tornado and earth quakes.

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It was indeed an eye-opening learning experience for all. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!