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Nature and Conservation

Hi parents and visitors! It has been awhile since we have updated regarding our children’s lessons and activities, but rest assured, our lessons have been as engaging and as informative as always. Stay tuned as we showcase what our children have been learning about the past few weeks. 

In Term 4, our children learn about Nature and Conservation. We delve into topics such as Natural Disasters, Nature Resources, Pollution as well as Recycling. 

For our project work, children and teachers worked together to create 3-D models of the different natural disasters, such as Tsunamis and Volcanos. Having a physical 3-D model is very effective to help children visualise the causes and effects of these disasters. 

In the following pictures, children create a model of a Tsunami, they saw how the large waves could cause damage to the land. On top of that, children learnt about how planting trees and plants help to keep the ground near the waters secure, such that damage is lessened. 



Children also worked together to create 3-D models of Volcanos. Our teachers explained to children about the causes of Volcanos, and also shared about the active Volcanos that exist around Singapore. 






Children in this class created a model of the different types of natural disasters that they had learnt about throughout the week. This was an excellent activity to summarise and concretise what was learnt in the week. It also allows children to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the different natural disasters. 




Moving on to the topic of Pollution, children were exposed to the different types of pollution, such as, Land and Water Pollution. 

Here, children are creating dioramas of how their environment would look like if they had continued to litter and create waste pollution. Activities like this encourage children to think critically and project future possibilities from current actions. This is a great exercise to help them practice thinking about the consequences of their actions before acting. 










Children also learnt about how we use natural resources around us in our daily lives! 

In this class, children got to witness how water filtration occurs. They were able to see muddy water turn into clear water right before their eyes. It was a really engaging class for them and they were very intrigued! The teacher took extra effort to make the class as hands-on as possible and this helped children to understand the concepts behind the activity easily.

Children in this class worked together to create a model that used wing energy to lift a weight. It was a very simple model but it was effective in showing children how wind energy could be harnessed to do work for us. Children were very surprised to learn that we could utilise this form of energy as well. nd18

Finally, children learnt about the importance of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling in class. One of the many activities they did was to make their own recycling bins in class. Our children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and were excited to practice recycling. The recycling bins were placed in class and children were able to bring recycled materials throughout the week to recycle. It was a good start to creating a lifelong habit of recycling for our children! nd15

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Some of our centres also welcomed Molly, the Mobile Library, in the past week of school! Our teachers conducted group reading sessions before allowing children to read and flip through the books independently. We welcome Molly regularly to keep children interested in wonderful world of books and reading! 




Thank you for joining us on our learning journey with the children of Ichiban Montessori!

We look forward to the coming weeks of school. We have a lot of exciting lessons and activities planned for our little ones 😁