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Natural Resources 🌳

The month of October 2021 has begun on a cheerful note, as our children celebrated their well deserved “Children’s Day” across our centres!

Here’s a little throwback to our lovely celebration from previous week.

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We are really glad that our children had thoroughly enjoyed themselves during this celebration. Even though mass celebrations were not allow during this COVID-19 period, the children were still very contented with the simple activities that teachers have carried out with them in class. They also love the Children’s Day gift from school very much.

For this week, we have touched on the topic of “Natural resources”, which are things obtained from nature and can be used by people in many ways. All of us need natural resources to stay alive. Learning about the natural world allows children to better appreciate the things around us. As such, they are able to recognize that papers, tables and wooden blocks do not come naturally, but are made of wood that comes from trees. Isn’t that meaningful to provide a different insight to things?

When children understand that everything comes from the natural environment, they learnt to conserve resources, reduce waste and minimize pollution better. Let’s take a look at some of the activities that they have done for the week.

The older children were engaged in the creation of a land and waste diorama. Through this activity, they could better visualize some sources of land and waste pollution.

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As the teachers share about resources and pollutions, our children were also given opportunities to reflect on the kind of ideal environment they wished to live in. It was a very interesting session with the children as they doodled and shared about their thoughts.

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On the other hand, our infants were practising hard on their teeth brushing skills. In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to teach the little ones about personal hygiene too. There is no other better way than to build on their experiences in baby steps.

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It has been a fabulous week for us! We hope you continue to keep safe and stay hydrated at all time!