Natural Resources 🌳 - Ichiban Montessori
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T4 Wk 6(2)

Natural Resources 🌳

Natural resources are materials that we obtain from nature to make many things that we need. These materials provide a wide range of textures and possibilities for children to explore during their play. Providing children with the concrete items are great ways to support their understanding of the natural world. It is also important to highlight to the children that it is our responsibilities to care for the environment, so as to create a sustainable future.

Let us take a look at what the children have been learning for this week.

The younger children have been learning about fallen leaves and growing trees.

T4 Wk 6(3)

They have also created a paper mache of a rock.

T4 Wk 6(4)


The children were introduced to cotton plant and how we used them to create cotton shirts.

T4 Wk 6(1)


The older children have created their own picture boards, showing various types of natural resources that they have learnt.

T4 Wk 6(5)


It was a very good learning for all our children, as they began to appreciate the materials that we used in our daily lives.