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Parents’ Day :Our Superheroes!


Last weekend, we celebrated a very special occasion at one of our centres. The team decided to transform the school into an amazing arena of themed games and activities in order to celebrate our wonderful parents!

The preparation began the night before as our dedicated teachers took time out to set up the place with their creative decorations. The centre was entirely transformed and ready for the next day.  



We had games booths, art and craft areas, a photo-booth as well as free gifts all prepared for our parents and children! It was going to be a day of fun and celebration as well as meaningful bonding between the parents and their children. Let’s take a closer look at the different activities they engaged in! 😁

Parents and children got the opportunity to collaborate and create a really unique art piece that they could take home. It was a really fun bonding experience and everyone got to express their creativity! 


The art piece is baked in an oven in order to quicken the drying process so that parents are able to bring their artwork home safely. 


Happy faces with beautiful art pieces! Everyone did an amazing job! 😁cck26


Next, we had the different games booths for children and parents to participate in! We had a ring toss booth, which was challenging but really fun and engaging for our players. 


We also had a “Shoot the Ball” booth, where children and parents had to throw the balls into the different holes. We modified the game so that it would be easy for children to participate. 

This mother-daughters team was so adorable with their matching clothings 😁. We had to take a picture of them as they were working together to conquer this booth! Thank you so much to our parents who came decked out in special attires for this event.  



Even our babies participated in this game! 😆


Our parents and children really enjoyed themselves at our Photo Booth! Look at how amazing the set up was. There were even handmade props for them to pose with! ☺️




Children and parents then entered Spiderman’s Lair! The teachers set up this area to mimic the webs from a spider web. Children had to crawl under the web to attain a prize!


We love it when our parents are so sporting! Thank you parents for participating so enthusiastically in our games 😁






Finally, children and parents received amazing themed gifts to bring on their way out of the centre. cck19

Thank you parents for coming down with your children on a Saturday to commemorate this special event with us! We would want to reach all parents a Happy Parents’ Day! 


And a big thank you to our team of dedicated teachers! It was because of your efforts that this day was such a meaningful experience for our parents and children. 😁cck21