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Phased Reopening – K1 & K2 (COVID-Safe ABCs)

With the phased reopening of preschools from 2 June 2020, our K1 and K2 children are finally back with us after 2 months of Circuit Breaker. In line with the effort of Ministry to minimize the risk of transmission in preschools, the enhanced safe management measures termed as “COVID-Safe ABCs” were put in place to safeguard everybody’s well being as we move out of the Circuit Breaker.

We will also be dedicating the first two weeks of reopening in strengthening public health awareness and inculcating good COVID-Safe habits to our staff, children and their parents.

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Here are some of the COVID-Safe ABCs measures that we are currently practising in school with our children and staff.

A) COVID-Safe Access

– Tighter health checks and temperature screening are conducted for all children and staff, on entry and several times a day.

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B) COVID-Safe Behaviours
– Wearing of masks in school.

– Practise good personal hygiene

– Washing of hands with soap, especially before eating and after toilet visits (interval of every 2 hours)

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C) COVID-Safe Classrooms

– Safe distancing of at least 1 m apart is being practised among all children and staff throughout the day.

– Desk shields are also being used. These shields are frequently disinfected after use.

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Everyone plays an important part in keeping our preschool community safe. We seek the support and understanding of parents and staff to work together with our children, in implementing and reinforcing safe habits at home and in school. The children will then be able to practise these habits consistently. These are necessary safety precautions, during such exceptional time. Let’s stay safe together by practising the COVID-Safe ABCs, as a new way of life.