Power of hope & solidarity during COVID-19 outbreak - Ichiban Montessori
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Power of hope & solidarity during COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19 has been one of the most dreadful threats that the world has ever faced. Despite of the confusion and anxiety brought about by this crisis, there are even stronger signs of solidarity and desire for togetherness among us. It is this spirit of togetherness that gives us hope to fight against the virus. With the circuit breaker measures in place, it has opened up new ways of being with one another. At Ichiban Montessori, we have displayed our Singapore flag as a demonstration of unity and solidarity with others in society, even when we are physically apart during this difficult time.

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Our National Flag signifies Singaporeans’ resilience, unity and future. May it inspire the best from us and let us pull through this pandemic together, in the challenging days ahead. As Singapore is on track to end the Circuit Breaker on 1 June 2020, we must ensure that we resume our activities safely, to minimise the risk of community transmission. Most importantly, we do not want to sacrifice the efforts that all of us have put in over the past few weeks in controlling the spread of the virus. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing all our children back at school!