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Seasons 🍂

Every year, our planet experiences the change in four seasons. As our Earth sits on a slight tilt of 23.4 degrees, different areas of the world will experience more or less sunlight and warmth than others throughout the year. The changes in weather are classified into four seasons, namely: summer, fall, winter and spring.

Learning about seasons enables children to understand the passage of time and teaches them about changes. The concept of time can be difficult for children to understand, hence the seasons and their transition will help children to better comprehend how time works.

Let’s take a look at how our children learnt about the different seasons in the past week.

The toddlers were engaged in show and tell of different seasons. They also talk about the changes in nature as observed through collected leaves.

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In addition, the children created a collage of different seasons together as a class. They used different techniques of painting and materials to express their creativity.

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The older children were having fun, creating different sensory bottles of various seasons.

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They were also given the opportunities to create a seasonal tree. Children were able to observe and learnt about the changes experienced on a tree through various seasons.

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Even though we do not experience the four seasons in Singapore, we should still provide this insight to our children so as to widen their knowledge.

Keep safe!