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This week, we continued our journey learning about Nature. We explored the topic of Seasons. Although Singapore might not have four seasons, it is still important to learn about this amazing feature of our environment. Children learnt about the causes of the different seasons, the characteristics of the different seasons, as well as practical things such as the appropriate attire to wear. 

We did really unique and interesting projects such as creating sensory bottles- one for each season. The children found this activity really fun as they were able to choose and decide the elements they wanted to use to represent a certain season. For example, some children chose to colour their water orange and put fallen leaves into their bottles to represent Autumn. Take a look at the many beautiful creations done by our children!






Children also created a “Seasons Tree”. It is a really cool 3-D model of a tree with four faces. Each face modelled how the tree would look like in a particular season. This was a really fun activity for children as well and it was very effective in helping children to remember the different characteristics of each season, as visually stimulating models were made represent them. sns16




Our Chinese teachers decided to include their own spin on the Seasons crafts by having the children paint traditional Chinese paintings of the trees in different seasons. The teachers guided the children in using different materials and techniques to create the leaves and the branches. The outcome was really beautiful and the children looked really proud of their work! 😁


We are really proud of our teachers for coming up with such a variety of creative ideas on how to give room for children to express themselves creatively, while concretising the lessons taught in the week. Take a look at some of the other unique art pieces our children created in the following pictures!

ssns5 ssn4


seasons seasons1


In the following pictures, children used recycled materials such as toilet rolls to create Snowman figures. This was to be included in their diorama of a scene in Winter time. 




Other than creating models and art pieces to concretise what children learnt about the different seasons, we love for our children to have other forms of mediums to interact with the knowledge they have received. One very effective way is through dramatisation! In the picture below, our teacher set the scene to take place in the Summer. Children wore hats, sunglasses and used an umbrella to protect themselves from the sunlight. 




Other than conducting engaging lessons with our children about Seasons, teachers at this centre also took time out to plan and organise Deepavali celebrations for the kids! They came dressed in traditional Indian costumes and had a whole line up of exciting activities for our children to take part in. 😁




First up, was a Bollywood Dance Workout! It was a really fun time as children absolutely loved the pumping and upbeat music that Bollywood dancers groove to and the moves were really fun to execute as well. 😆deep8


Next, our teachers planned a sharing about the various traditions and practices performed during Deepavali celebrations, such as the attire, the customs and the food! 



There were also organised games for children to play. In the pictures below, children were engaging in a matching game where they matched pictures of traditional Indian snacks eaten during Deepavali. deep


Children were also able to pose with this fun poster that our teachers made! At the same time, they were able to learn more about the traditional costumes that are worn during this festival. 



Finally, our children got to make a Deepavali themed craft to bring back home. They designed their own “Rangoli”, modelling after the traditional art form usually found outside the doors of Indian households created using colourful powder and chalk. deep6

That is all for this week! Thank you once again for joining our learning journey at Ichiban Montessori. 😁 

We have an exciting week coming ahead as well so do join us to see what more we have in store!