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T4 Wk 9 (21)

The Solar System 🌌

Children are naturally curious about the Sun, Moon and Stars, as these are common objects seen in nursery rhymes, books and reality. They love to gaze up at the stars and moon, with many questions about the sun. Preschoolers start to think about things that are beyond their own experiences, as they grow older. As such, it becomes a topic of interest to educate the children about our solar system.

Hence, we have brought all our little explorers on a space adventure to learn about our Solar System for this week.

Our toddlers were exploring on the planet of Saturn, while creating a model of it. They also learnt about how the Earth orbits around the Sun.

T4 Wk 9 (14)


T4 Wk 9 (13)


The older children learnt about the names and order of the 8 planets in sequence.

T4 Wk 9 (12)

T4 Wk 9 (11)

T4 Wk 9 (9)

T4 Wk 9 (8)

T4 Wk 9 (7)

T4 Wk 9 (6)

T4 Wk 9 (17)


The children have also created 3D models of the Solar System, as a group project.

T4 Wk 9 (3)

T4 Wk 9 (4)

T4 Wk 9 (5)

T4 Wk 9 (16)

T4 Wk 9 (15)

T4 Wk 9 (18)

T4 Wk 9 (20)


Our children also painted the picture of “Starry Night” as part of their learning.

T4 Wk 9 (19)

T4 Wk 9 (23)

T4 Wk 9 (25)

T4 Wk 9 (24)

T4 Wk 9 (26)

T4 Wk 9 (22)


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Hindu friends a Happy Deepavali! May all our lives be filled with colours and lights happiness!

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