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The Water Cycle 💦

As our little ones continue with their exploration on the theme of “Nature and Conservation”, we have introduced the topic of water cycle. Water is the most common substance on Earth and it takes up over two-third of our planet’s surface.

Water is not just a necessity, but a way of life. We use water everyday and there is a limited supply to it. As such, it is a great way to explain where water comes from and importance of conserving this precious resource with them. If water didn’t naturally recycle itself through the water cycle, we would eventually run out of clean water!

For this week, our children learnt about concepts like evaporation and precipitation, which explains the processes of how we get our drinking water. Driven by the power of Sun, the water cycle is happening all the time, through a continuous journey where water travels from the sea, to the sky, then to the land, finally landing back into the sea. The children understood how this movement of water on our planet is vital to life.

Let’s take a look on what they have learnt!

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Our children were all engaged with the creation of water cycle models, which served to reinforce the concepts of evaporation and precipitation.

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We had a fruitful week. Hope you had a great one too! Have a joyous weekend.