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T2 Wk 2 (16)

Water Transportation 🚢

For this week, the children were introduced to the different modes of  water transportation. The younger children were tasked to make a collage of sailing boats in the sea. Besides learning about the sailing boats, they were also engaged in sensory learning of making models of coconut trees using clay.

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For the older children, they did bubble mural artwork using recycled mineral bottles, paints and liquid soaps. The artwork is a representation of the deep blue sea. Children get to paste pictures of submarines over it. For some of the other children, they explored different tools of creating the sea effects. For instance, they tried to use bubble wraps instead.

T2 Wk 2 (16)

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They have also constructed a gigantic model of a sail boat for their project work.

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Here are some of the fabulous take home projects done by the children over the week. Great work, children!

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T2 Wk 2 (4)