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Term 4 Wk (4)

Weather 🌤

For this week, we have progressed on to theme of “Nature and Conservation” and our children are exploring on the topic of weather. Weather is an observable and measurable condition, that provides children with authentic learning experience. Getting our children to observe and discuss about the weather are great ways to teach children about the discovery of world. It is something that the children can easily relate to and connect with that affect their lives every day.

The toddlers have been learning about weather charts and thunderstorm. They even went on to create beautiful umbrellas for rainy days.

Term 4 Wk (3)

Term 4 Wk (6)

Term 4 Wk (11)

Term 4 Wk (13)

Term 4 Wk (12)


Term 4 Wk (16)


Some of the children were engrossed in building weather stations.

Term 4 Wk (5)

Term 4 Wk (1)


The older children were engaged in making rain clouds in jars. They had so much fun with the experiment. They also did weather wheels as part of their classroom activities.

Term 4 Wk (8)

Term 4 Wk (4)

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Term 4 Wk (10)

Term 4 Wk (14)


It has been a fruitful week! Have a great weekend, everyone. 😊