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Weather 🌦️

Learning about weather is a great way to help children in observing their surrounding environment, especially when they can relate to the topic easily. Be it sunny or rainy, the weather affects children in their lives everyday. As the weather is always changing, it is a great opportunity to share with children on the importance of being alert and knowing what to do.

Let us take a look at what the children have learnt for this week.

The toddlers were learning about sunny and rainy weather. Hence, they were engaged in the making of weather chart. As for the older children, they learnt to identify different types of weather that they have experienced in Singapore. They created a more complex weather chart for their reference in class.

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The children have also expressed their creativity through the painting of a rainbow umbrella.

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The older children had the opportunity to learn about water cycle, by making rain clouds in a jar.

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Besides learning about weather, the children also had some fun developing their eye-hand coordination through a bean mosaic activity.

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As mid autumn festival is approaching, our staff and children have been decorating the school for the upcoming celebration.

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The children enjoyed themselves thoroughly in the lantern making activity. They can’t wait to celebrate this event in school next week.


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As the COVID-19 cases are on the rise, please continue to keep safe! Stay tuned.