WEEK 4: What we did in school this week! 😁 - Ichiban Montessori
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WEEK 4: What we did in school this week! 😁

This week’s lessons were on the theme of My Five Senses.

Let’s take a look how children explored their five senses in the activities we did in class this week!

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Our children got an opportunity to experience what it is like to be a visually-impaired person through a blind mice game.  It was a tricky game but our children were definitely up for the challenge! Children learnt to empathise with the visually impaired and also gained a brand new appreciation for their eyesights!

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To provide children with an enhanced experience exploring with their sense of taste, we blindfolded them and tasked them to rely solely on their sense of taste to identify different food items. It was a really fun game and children enjoyed the activity thoroughly!

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Our children also got to explore their sense of touch by feeling and identifying items of different textures!

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Children also practiced classifying items as hard or soft. Our dedicated teachers were able to integrate this classification activity into a craftwork as well!

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For the sense of smell, teachers prepared interesting food items with very distinct and unique smells for children smell. Children were excited to experience the sharp sensations of smelling a lemon, as seen in the pictures below 😁
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And finally, take a look at the following pictures to see what activities children were involved in for our project work on Friday!

Children created a “My Five Senses” book together for their classes’ learning corners. They learnt and applied their knowledge about the different functions of their senses and the body parts associated with them.


Other than exploring the body parts that are associated with the five senses, children also learnt about other internal organs. Children got to explore and learn about their shapes and functions.


Children also learnt to identify the body parts associated with the five senses on other people, such as their peers. In this class, they were tasked to draw the facial features of their friends.

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Thank you for joining us in this week’s learning journey with our children.
Stay tuned for next week’s update!