Week 7: I Love My Friends! - Ichiban Montessori
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Week 7: I Love My Friends!



In this week’s update, we take a look at what the children were up to in class as they delved into the theme of My Friends. Coincidentally, as Valentine’s Day fell in the midst of the week, our teachers also planned special craft work for children to express their love not only to their friends around them but also to their teachers and their family members! 😊


Without further ado, let’s take a look at what the kids were up to! 

Children in Nursery Two did a collage together as part of their project work. They learnt how working together allows each person’s creativity and ideas to contribute to a greater piece of work! They also learnt how to appreciate each others’ preferences. 




Look at the wonderful finished products! Each one was different, but uniquely beautiful in their own way. Children learnt that this was true about themselves too. Everyone is different but they are to be loved and accepted. 

In this class’ project work, we really wanted to inculcate the idea that even though we are all different in our own ways, we are all uniquely beautiful and we have a part to play in our class and in our society. Hence, the artwork mostly consisted of children having the opportunity to design something that represents their individuality and then combining those individual pieces to a collective whole.




Each unique palm print contributed to the a beautiful collage painting to be displayed in class!



In this activity, children represented themselves individually  by drawing themselves onto black puzzle pieces. They were encouraged to make their pieces as unique and as representative of themselves as possible. As a result, some were colourful, others had pictures of their favourite objects or activities drawn in them. When children completed their individual puzzle pieces, they got to share about what they had drawn to their peers. Finally, children got to assemble the pieces together. The teacher took this opportunity to share with children about how we may all be different in our own ways but how they “All Fit Together” in class. 


Children drew portraits of their friends’ faces and learnt how to appreciate and observe the people around them. myfr3

They also learnt about the appropriate social behaviours and responses to their friends and the people around them. One of our main goals is for our children to grow up to be kind and considerate members of society and teaching them to be sensitive to the feelings of their friends is definitely one of the essential stepping stones to cultivate this. 


In this creative and fun activity designed by the Mother Tongue teachers, children constructed and participate in a challenge using these special “shoes” that children could only walk in if they walked together. The children were really intrigued and quickly learnt that they had to work together to move effectively. 


To commemorate Valentine’s Day and this season of spreading love, teachers curated specially themed crafts for children to do! 





The children really enjoyed spreading love and learning that they can be a blessing to the people around them! We are really proud of them. 😁 

Stay tuned for next week’s update!