Wild Animals 🐘 - Ichiban Montessori
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T3 Wk 1 F4

Wild Animals 🐘

After 2 months of home-based e-learning, our children have returned to their regime of learning through play in school. For this week, the children have ventured into the topic of “Wild animals”. It is important to teach children how to respect wild animals from a young age. The children learnt to appreciate animals by noticing where they live and how each animal has a part to play in the larger balance of nature.

The children were given the opportunities to create paper collage of wild animals. While some of them were involved in creating models of different habitats that these wild animals live in. Let us take a look at some of their fabulous work for the week.T3 Wk 1 F3

T3 Wk 1 F1

T3 Wk 1 F2

T3 Wk 1 F5T3 Wk 1 F6T3 Wk 1 F7Besides inculcating the good COVID-Safe habits among the children, our staff have also put in a lot of effort in building the DIY table shields for all our children in class. This is to enhance the practice of safe distancing in school, to better protect our children. We strive diligently to make our school safe for all the children, especially during this period. We will get through this together!